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The Distillery at Greylock WORKS makes artisanal gins and rums using traditional equipment, innovative methods, and the finest ingredients. The distillery was founded in 2015 and is located in the historic Greylock Works mill complex nestled in the hills of North Adams. Right next to the distillery in Greylock Works you'll find the Berkshire Cider Project with craft local ciders and a tasting room of their own and the Breakroom restaurant, featuring farm-to-table food, making Greylock Works mill a great place to spend an afternoon or evening.

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The traditional still below, which we use to distill, was designed to make flavorful, aromatic, and smooth rums and gins. It was handmade and hammered out of copper in Spain, the part of Europe with the longest history of distillation, running all the way back to the eighth century.

Up close you can see the marks of the coppersmith's hammer. 

Although classic and necessary for making the finest spirits, this type of still is rare today because it's not computer-automated, and it requires a Master Distiller with an excellent palate to work the still carefully by hand. We also use only the finest natural ingredients.

Ski Bum Rum -Spiced Rum Bottle - with sp

A perfectionist, always looking for old recipes and new ways to improve upon them, our Master Distiller Ryan experiments with a miniature version of our pot still before taking it to the big equipment when the recipe's perfect. 

Master Distiller Ryan Max Riley by Mini

(Ryan with our mini experimental pot still)

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